Start with the Key Manager

System requirement

LicenseLite software was designed for Microsoft Windows™ operating system.
The key Manager and those libraries are managed programs for the NET framework release 4.0 or higher.
The current release of the program (including libraries) must execute with adminitrator rights.
Libraries are available with COM, but we do not provide samples of this type of operation.
Examples available to download have been implemented with Microsoft Visual Basic™ 2010.

download KeyManager demo release

Interface overview

Please, register the software before all operations. The demo version comes with a license key. This release can produce keys with a maximum validity of two months.
Use the key manager


- User Id: (required) discriminant of the user. See restrictions by userid (sample 1).
- Digital Id: discriminant of the target computer. See restrictions by hardware signature (sample 2).
- CRM Id: id which will be reproduced in the optional export files.


See restrictions by mobile device (sample 3).


- Product level id: (1 to 255) Level of use granted by the key.
- License Duration: Maximum duration allowed for the use of the software.
- Key expires in: Expiration date of the key.


- Key: License Key.
- Pin code: key certificate.
- Full Key: Key + PIN code.
- Status: Informations in case of error.

the functions « Save as default » and « Restore default » can increase your productivity by setting the initial values ​​for each generation.



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