Restrictions by User IdRestrictions by User Id

Use a discriminant based on an identifier provided to the user is the case for the most common restriction software. The implementation of this solution requires no special technical means. Delivery of credentials is totally dematerialized.

build software restrictions by user idIt's several use cases.

- A unique identifier should be linked to the user and have a workable public character. The best illustration of this principle is the use of a business name , trademark , a legal identifier ( VAT ... ) it will be reproduce on the outputs, such as invoices. In such a case, the license key can not be transmitted to unauthorized thirds.
- Using a unique identifier for a group or for all individuals, this principle is interesting for the dissemination of softwares evaluation in limited release. In this case, it is not necessary to delegate the operation to the end user, the software can fill in the information in background. However, the manual insertion of the key increases customer satisfaction and confirms the existence of copyright.
- Use an anonymous identifier does not bring always profit for the imposition of a restriction. The license key can however be used as discriminating if it is operated by a remote update service. In this case, the system can exclude the counterfeits and stop the service .

Sample 1 illustrates the simplest case of discriminating based on dematerialized informations (User Id and License Key).
download sample software restrictions by user id

How to processing a license key with a user id

From the manager, go to the "Generate" tab.How to processing a license key with a user id

1. Indicate a value for "User Id". This field is mandatory, it is not case sensitive and must contain at least 3 characters. The maximum usable length for the discriminant is 80 characters. 2. Assign a license level for the key. 3. Select duration for using the software and assign a period of validity for the key. 4. Click "Generate" to generate the key. 5. Select the final value from the field "Full Key".

Finally, the values ​​of "User Id" and "Full Key" are introduced into the target software to allow its use as intended.

Use the license Key

From the target program, go to the registration form.

Use the license key processing with a user id

1. Put the credentials values into the dedicaced fields, check the license acceptance option and click the "Validate..." button to start the processing. 2. The result values are displaying with all intended parameters. 



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