Restrictions by Hardware SignatureComputer hardward restriction

Use a discriminant based on hardware allows to restrict the execution of a program to a unique computer. The implementation of such a device requires making contact with the target machine to retrieve the discriminant prior to build the license key. This principle can be implemented for the development of software activation process. Developing a server with our main library can produce standalone solutions without human intervention to operate with remote computers.

Build software restrictions by hardware signature Please consider the following guidelines :

- The hardware components are selected according the desired severity of the restrictions in accordance with their life time and the possibilities of replacing.
 - The selection of hardware components is done on a of predefined group of elements from the main public library.
 - The discriminant is developed on physical and / or logical parameters of selected components.
 - The discriminant not allow access to the values ​​of the remote computer.. the elements are denatured for prevent any act contrary to respect for the privacy of the user.
 - It is not necessary to display the discriminant if the user does not charge processing.

Sample 2 illustrates the simplest case of discriminating based on hardware information. download software restrictions sample by hardware signature

How to process a license key with hardware signature

At first you have to get the hardware identifier from the remote computer. The identifier is generated by the LicenseLite public library that is related to your programme. there are a lot of possibilities, it is up to you to implement your own solution.

get hardware signature from target computer

From the manager, go to the "Generate" tab.How to process a license key with hardware signature

1. Indicate a value for "User Id". This field is mandatory. Attention, in this case, you must enter the value that is used by the LicenseLite public library that is related to your programme. This value does not need to be discriminative.
2. Indicate the hardware signature on the field "Digital Id", This value is the discriminant in this sample. 
3. Assign a license level for the key.
4. Select duration for using the software and assign a period of validity for the key.
5. Click "Generate" to generate the key.
6. Select the final value from the field "Full Key".

Finally, the value ​​of "Full Key" are introduced into the target software to allow its use as intended.

Use the license Key

From the target program, go to the registration form.

Use the license key processing with hardware signature

1. Put the key into the dedicaced field (leave "Core Id"), check the license acceptance option and click the "Validate..." button to start the processing.
2. The result values are displaying with all intended parameters.



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