Key Manager overview

The installation and use of Key Manager is essential to the operation of the DRM LicenseLite solution. The program is composed of a user interface for manual productions, but also core libraries that can be independently instantiated for develop servers for autonomous operations for key generation and remote activation of  programs without human intervention.

Key Manager Overview

The key manager allows users to generate license keys for rights management of their softwares. A library that is linked to the users programs, produces the restrictions by interpreting the keys.

The keys are related to discriminatory factors such as the identity of a user, a computer, a mobile device. The license key information is interpreted by the system to lift the restrictions and set the limits of the software. The discriminant is a stable information used for the development of a license key. This value is a characteristic of the end user or of her environment, it will be used to perform the identification.

Three available types of restrictions may be used alone or in combination to the others. However, it is necessary to examine the veracity of implementing such devices and to consider the constraint subject to the user for ensure the expected success with the release of software.
Each function is illustrated in the support articles with downloadable samples.

Main functions :

- Generate license keys.
- Develop protection strategies by testing locally the access time to hardware components.
- Introduce a license key for the rights to use the manager.
- Read the terms of the product license FS LicenseLite.

Software Limitations :

- The duration of use.
- The expiration date of the key
- The level provided for the program.
- The use, single or multi stations (mobile device option).

Restriction types :

- Identity of the user
- Identity of the target machine
- Identity of a mobile device

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