LicenseLite system overview

LicenseLite can be used by all Windows™ developpers who can bind and operate in their programs a managed Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) from Net framework. Usually from VB or C# but also others native codes like as C++, by loading and using the Common Language Runtime (CLR) from Component Object Model (COM) architecture.

Hacking and bypassing restrictions control is very largely mitigated by the uniqueness of the identity of libraries released under the commercial exploitation of LicenseLite.

LicenseLite can be used with any method of distributing software, webcasting or classical distribution.It is also particularly efficient for independent professionals who resell programs restricted to local customers. Indeed, LicenseLite can easily produce output incorporating a good control solution with a very professional design for a lower cost.

This solution is ideal for those who have limited business and must absolutely protect their copyrights and their incomings.

You know that pay is not a real constraint for B2B customers who are creditworthy. LicenseLite allows you to achieve profit with a positive effect on the user experiencing the satisfaction to be recognized in his rights.

Finally, the cost of development is reduced to a bare minimum, with no impact on your projects.


LicenseLite architecture

Licenselite system overview
Use the key manager to generate the credential destined to your users.

Link the LicenseLite public library with your program to collect user's hardware informations and manage rights localy.

Transmit the license keys into USB key or SD card. The memory support is linked with the end user's credentials. The program can't run without the delivered physical support.

Check the time constraints by asynchronous multi-process requests with NTP and time server system. Select the severity level for the assessment of the validity date.

Build your own server by linking the LicenseLite private library and provide standalone activations for your softwares.



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